Rotary gives recognition to businesses involved in Rotary Family Health Days.

So many of our activities have had to come to a halt this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the casualties was the RFHD for the year 2020. Despite the fact that "physically" RFHD was unable to proceed, Rotary and National Department of Health and other sponsors decided to give recognition to all who participated in the past RFHD. In addition, special recognition has been given to frontline medical and nursing care staff in honour of the relentless and tireless fight against and throughout the pandemic.

From our little town, Swellendam, our special heroes are Lelani van Tonder of Specsavers and Reinhardt van der Merwe of Van der Merwe Oogkundiges and the members of their staff who on a voluntary basis, carried out eye tests without cost. Rotary thanked them for their continued commitment and involvement in the community and support for RFHD. Certificates were presented to them for their continued service and dedication.


Photo: Left to right - Lelani van Tonder ( Specsavers). Johan Kriek (President Rotary Swellendam) and a Reinhardt van der Merwe (Van Der Merwe Oogkundiges)

Photograph Danie Theron. Article Corrie Cloete.

Elana, Jackie and Celia, Thank you so much for all of your hard work in preparing the tea-packs for the RFHD handover. I was unfortunately incapacitated and could not participate, but could hear your happy chatter and laughter as you worked in the kitchen. Not only did you pack, but you also baked and from all reports the content of the packs was delicious ,enjoyed by all ,well received and appreciated. Thank you too for your generous decision to donate your baking in recognition for the contribution of the RFHD and those involved towards a healthier community.

Kind regards,


Project Ieader.

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