Rotarians Working at Double Century

On the morning of the race, Swellendammers and cyclists awoke to a freezing cold and stormy day. Despite the weather, Rotarians manned their posts at the assembly points and various checkpoints from about 4.00 am in the morning until it was announced that for safety reasons, the epic Double Century Cycle race was cancelled. The route was not deemed safe for cyclists to participate.

Coffee and rusks were also served to officials and helpers from 4.00 am in the morning. Changing rooms were manned and cleaned on both days. On the 26th November, Rotarians, Anns and helpers offloaded the truck that brought the ingredients for the food hampers which were to issued to the participating teams. Two hundred and forty hampers were packed an stored in a record period of time. These were issued on the morning of the following day to the representatives of the various teams. Dawie Spangenberg as always, stayed late on the 27th to pay casual workers despite the cancellation of the cycle race. Rotary has always made a valuable contribution the Double Century Cycle Race.

Elana Spangenberg serving rusks and coffee at 4.00 am in the morning.

Anacreon Cloete Barnard, Corno Cloete and President Bernard Steyn packing hampers.

Danie Theron at “Danie’s corner’

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