Filling a crucial gap in the lives of female learners

VRT Pitt Primary School and Bontebok Primary School received a visit from Elana Spangenberg of the Swellendam Rotary Anns. On behalf of the Rotary Anns, donations of sanitary wear were handed over to both schools for use of their learners. This sanitary wear fulfils a great need in order for female learners to be able to attend school comfortably and confidently. Many learners are forced to miss their schooling due to the inability to provide adequate sanitary wear for their own personal use, due to lack of finances.

The Rotary Anns are involved in various projects in our communities and surrounds and are particularly proud of this particular project which they have successfully carried out for five years and anticipate that they can continue making a difference in the lives of young women well into the future.

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