Double Century Cycle Race 2020

Rotary Swellendam in association with Pedal Power, Cycle Trust and the Swellendam Municipality, assisted in the smooth running of the Double Century Cycle Race 2020.

Prior to the event Stephen Young and Bernard Steyn were involved in various negotiations with the different stakeholders. Road signs throughout the town and vicinity were organised by Bernard and his team. The Smarties were contracted to provide lunch for 120 of the crew and organisers and a number of marshalls were organised to man and assist at various points approaching the showground access and entrance.

On the day, at 03h00, Bernard and the team of marshalls and security staff began assisting the organising of the cyclists into five groups of 300 cyclists each prior to the start of the race. Security checkpoints were also manned.

At 04h00 ,Stephen and his fellow Rotarian' team checked and recorded the temperatures of all the riders at five checkpoints prior to allowing any of them to enter onto the showground area where they were to prep for the race start. Only one group at any given time was permitted into the showgrounds.

By 08h00 all of the 1500 cyclists were on their way. Rotarian Elna Lamprecht and her team ensured that the toilet facilities of the showground and the 15 pit stops enroute were constantly cleaned and sanitised.

Rotarian Noelene Cole and her team met the cyclists at the finishing line from 10h00 too 18h00 when the official race time was ended. Medals and congratulations were handed out at this point to all who completed the race. We extend a special mention for Rotarian Stephen Young, Bernard Steyn and all the other Rotarians, friends of Rotary and all the volunteers who offered their services and worked tirelessly on a very hot day to help make the day and event a great success albeit in very different circumstances to the previous years. - thanks to the Covid19 pandemic.

Photograph - Bernard Steyn. Article - Corrie Cloete and Johan Kriek.

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