Rotary involved in the Community.

In the past week, Rotary was involved in a number of school and community outreaches. Bontebok Primary received a 5 litre hand sanitizer and VRTPITT were given a large number of facemasks for children.

The Avendson Club for the elderly handed over various knitted items (wool sponsored by Rotary) to Sister Hettie from the Department of Community Welfare for distribution to those in need.

Photo: ( Left to Right) Corrie Cloete of Rotary, Johannes Michaels from Avendson and Sr Hettie from Dept Community Welfare.

Photo: (Mask handover - Left to right): Corrie Cloete of Rotary, Mrs E Beukes - Deputy headmaster, Victor Nota and Me C Tyindyi.

Photo: (Left to Right) Corrie Cloete of Rotary and Mr J Solomon - headmaster Bontebok Primary.

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