"Lekker Eet" - Joint Project

At the beginning of February Celia Cloete received a donation of £100 from Cathie Jones of Glenrothes in Scotland. She asked that the money be used towards a rural school in our Area. During a visit to Uitvlug a small rural primary school between Swellendam and Bredasdorp the headmaster Mr Hano Kleyn expressed the need for decent tables and chairs for the children to sit at when having their meals. After investigation it was decided to purchase 8 tables and 40 stackable chairs of different sizes, made from durable plastic.

Rotary Swellendam decided to treat this as a joint project and provided the bulk of the funds needed to purchase the tables and chairs. Fortunately they were delivered before the lockdown and the children with great excitement sat down at their new tables and chairs.The official handover had to be postponed as a result of the lockdown but the headmaster placed an article with photographs in the local newspaper thanking Cathie and Rotary.

Article and Photos: Corrie Cloete

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