Press Release - Langeberg Hospice

Taking the Langeberg Hospice forward to the future

In the last few months, the Rotary Club of Swellendam has been in discussion with the Langeberg Hospice committee about how to help improve the service given by the hospice to the community in years to come. A joint committee of the Rotary club and the Hospice, the Hospice Facilities Committee, has been formed to investigate possible ways forward.

The Langeberg Hospice provides palliative care for the terminally ill and their families in the Greater Swellendam area. The aim of the hospice is not to put days onto the life of the patient, but rather to put life into the remaining days, to bring peace and dignity to the dying and support to their families. The Langeberg Hospice is only able to provide home based care at present, but we perceive that there is a real need for a small residential care facility, accessible to the families, where patients can go for a day or 2 when necessary.

The Langeberg Hospice is a completely voluntary organisation which is maintained by money from the community it serves. That is you. This is your hospice, so it is very important that the hospice is able to meet your needs in the specific area of its work. Your opinion and your support are vital for the Langeberg Hospice as we move forward together into the future.

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