Specsavers/Rotary improving lives

Rotary and Specsavers spectacles program, rolls out to VRT Pitt. On Monday 26th August, the first two recipients of VRT Pitt Primary School received their new sets of spectacles.. Mr Ike Langeveldt thanked Rotary Swellendam and Specsavers for enabling a difference in the lives and school careers of two young learners with the gift of better vision. The two young learners expressed their appreciation. The next group of learners who have undergone eye-tests will be receiving their sets of spectacles shortly.

Photo: Two young recipients with Lelani van Tonder (Specsavers), Mr Langeveldt (School Principal), Miss Dolly Mitila (school educator) and Corrie Cloete (Rotary Swellendam). Photo: Danie Theron.

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