Rotary/Specsavers Spectacles project

At a recent occasion, spectacles were handed over to Rheinart Neethling, a learner at Hoerskool Swellendam. The Rotary/Specsavers is a project initiated with the aim to identify deserving individuals between the age of 11 and 14 who have eyesight difficulties who then subsequently receive a free vision test and an appropriate pair of spectacles. Rheinart commented, "Thank you very much, now I am able to see the blackboards in every classroom!"

Seen below - Corrie Cloete (project leader), Rheinart Neethling, Des van Jaarsveld (Rotary Swellendam President), Lelani van Tonder (Specsavers), Nichoas Peler (Headmaster Hoerskool Swellendam). Foto: Danie Theron.

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