Weekend away in McGregor

Some social Rotarians and Anns took time out to enjoy Fellowship at a weekend away in McGregor arranged by Brian and Hesphia. It was an awesome weekend with a Food and Wine fair, International rugby at a pub and of course a South African braai. Cas, Kieth and Marilyn from Breede River Winelands joined us for the braai. Oh there were also some Ferrari cars for sale.

Everyone had a great time, sorry for those who were not there.

Anns enjoying their sumptuous gourmet braai they prepared.

Cas and Kieth from Breede River Winelands

Hester on the move with Henri's credit card for that little red Ferrari.

Hester moving very fast, with Henri's credit card, to the Ferrari's

Eric looking very worried that the pub had not yet opened. Appears to be only Rotarians queing for the pub.

Not a happy Henri. Did Hester get the Ferrari?

Hester off with Henri's credit card in pursiut of

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