Visit to Edinburgh & Godrun Rotary Clubs

On our recent visits to Edinburgh, Scotland and Reykjavik, Iceland we attended meetings and exchanged banners at the Edinburgh Rotary Club and the Gordum Rotary Club.

The Edinburgh Rotary Club was established in !912 and for the first time in its' history their

membership fell below 100 (97). With such a large membership they have quite a number of sub-committees concentrating on social welfare and community involvement.

They still practice some of the old Rotary traditions and their President Ian Kingsley informed me that he is the first President that doesn't wear a tie to meetings. Their age profile seems to be an average of +/- 75 years. They have a fair representation of female members.

The Gordum Rotary Club was constituted in the same year as or club. They have a membership of 78, but not as many female Rotarians as Edinburgh. They meet at lunch time and are also fairly traditional in their Rotary practices. Their age profile is about the same as ours. They prefer to contribute money to Rotary International. It was their President Jon Benediktssons first meeting as President.

Members of the Graforvogur Club also attended the meeting and banners were exchanged with both clubs. The Icelandic Rotarians went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

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