Establishment of Project Committee

A project committee was established for the purpose of evaluating proposals for new projects and to monitor and report on approved projects.

In deciding the projects to recommend the committee will be guided by the objectives of Rotary for the upliftment of the community, the needs within the community and the imparting of skills to the previously disadvantaged within the community. Where advantageous and to be more effective partnerships will be formed with other service organizations.

The committee members are:

Noelene Cole

Dawie Spangenberg

Stephen Young (Secretary)

Jerry van Vuuren (Coordinator fund raising projects)

Stephen Stocks (Coordinator community projects)

Clare Stocks

Incoming President of the Rotary Anns

Corrie Cloete

All proposals for new projects must be submitted to the Secretary, Stephen Young at

The committee will meet monthly to consider and evaluate projects and requests.

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