A few of our Club's Projects

iPad Math and Literacy Project


Rotary Club of Swellendam have been working tirelessly for more than two years to get funding for an IPad Math and Literacy project for schools in the Swellendam area.

The project of having iPads in classrooms and using Onebillion App for Mathematics was brought to our club by members of Rotary Club of Villeneuve sur Lot in France. Together we put a proposal forward for a Global Grant which did not materialise as the criteria they were wanting to achieve was for adult and teacher training and not developing learners skills in Mathematics and Literacy at an early age.


Thankfully we were not deterred and we persevered and together we have at last managed to fund one school with 30 IPads, apps and teacher training.

The Onebillion App has been running in Malawi and KwaZulu Natal and learners are achieving phenomenal results in their Mathematical skills. In Malawi the children from ages 3 to 8 years achieved Mathematical skills in 6 weeks what would normally take 18 months.

Starting children off in the right way will give them excellent understanding of Mathematics. Learners of a higher age who are not achieving their potential will also benefit from the program as they will be able to go back to basics and progress to their age related comprehension of Math. Working with the program is at each individuals own pace and progress is monitored individually and reported to Swellendam Rotarians and partners to see progress being achieved.


Besides the benefit of developing Mathematical skills, the inception of the iPads as a learning tool could be used in numerous ways in a school’s curriculum. Learners will be taught to use PowerPoint,

Literacy skills, creative writing and with more than a 1000 Apps available learning will be endless.


From having the iPads integrated into the first school in Swellendam we are looking for partners to fund more schools in our area. We are looking at this project to be the beginning of educating our children for Great Things in South Africa.

Rotary Swellendam, CAP and Montagu Dried Fruit working together.

Sometimes, a small action can have long lasting results - what we call "sustainability"

An excellent example is shown in the video below.

The Rotary Club of Swellendam donated tables that enabled CAP (Community Action Partnership) to undertake packaging for Montagu Dried Fruit and offer much needed employment for less able members of our community.

Working Together - Alone we can do good things - Together we can do GREAT things.

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