Conference Projects

Partnership in job creation and development of skills:

Our Club is very conscious of the great need to create jobs and develop skills especially among the disadvantaged communities. We formed a partnership with CAP (Community Action Partnership) in order to develop 10 x semi-disabled women in Zuurbraak, a settlement near Swellendam, in sewing skills. Under the guidance of Me Hetta November and the generous donations of fabrics (cut offs) they started “Project Conference Bags” and surprized all of us with the quality and creativity which the end products are proof of.

The sewing machines were borrowed from kind supporters, fabric was collected by our Ann’s and Rotary Friends, an iron was donated and all of this was put together by CAP to create a successful workshop.

The finished products are beautiful and we are convinced that the delegates will enjoy their conference with a colourful bag made by persons with disabilities and very limited skills.

A number of Rotary Swellendam Supported Projects have benefited from the Rotary District 9350 2017 Annual Conference.

Provision of conference bags:

The Rotary Club of Swellendam will be the proud host of the District 9350 conference which takes place at the end of April 2017. The provision of conference bags is part of such an event and we decided to make it very special for the delegates.

Rotary District 9350 Conference Swellendam


Dear Rotarian,


Your beautiful conference bag was handmade by one of these ladies.

The group call themselves XAIRU QUILTING GROUP. They are from Suurbraak, a small village near Swellendam.


The bag project was initiated by the Swellendam Rotary Club and CAP, a group who focusses on skills development and improving the lives of people with disabilities.

The project started off with no skills, no stock, no sewing machines and no money.


Today, following 6 months of dedicated help by Rotarians and the help of the Swellendam community, we are proud to have 10 ladies with skills and the prospects of earning a living to support their families.


We are very proud to offer this bag as a memento of your visit to Swellendam.